Accounting career options after 12th for commerce students

Looking for Accounting career options? Read on to know about career like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Banking, Actuary, Cost & Works Accountants etc. related to accountancy.

Accounting or accountancy is one of the most important fields of finance and considered as the platform of all other fields in the finance sector. Accountancy is the branch of business which deals with summarizing, reporting and analysing money related transactions to keep daily, monthly and annual financial records. It is the investigation of how organizations track their income records and resources over a span of time. Accountancy is related with managing and keeping up records of daily financial transactions carried in business to evaluate the success or failure of a business.

In today scenario with the growing need of business and financial sectors accountancy become the integral part of our lives. Any business requires a qualified accountant who might be in charge of keeping up financial records of the business. Hence, accounting profession opportunities exist all over the place and demand of accountants is increasing day by day whether it is a new business, big or small, home-based business, corporations and government organisations accountants or financial assistants are always welcome. The services of accountants are needed by all associations to keep systematic records of all transactions to keep check on the expenditure and earnings of the business. Without finance department or accountant it’s become difficult to keep records of monetary exchanges, proper maintenance of employ salaries, balance sheets preparation, and calculation of various taxes with in a firm. Accounting is an imperative field in business as well as in everyday life of common man.

Accountants evaluate the present and future economic activities of people, organizations, non-benefit associations and administrative bodies. Accountants perform many roles other than preparing financial statements and recording business transactions. Their job includes auditing, budget analysis, taxation, management accounting, financial accounting etc.

Forensic accounting is another option in the field of accounting is the practice of utilizing accounting, auditing and investigative skills to help with legal matters of any firm or customer, involved in a legal dispute such as insurance fraud, employee theft etc. Forensic accounting helps in figuring of monetary harms or misfortune coming about because of a break of agreement.

Career like Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary, Banking, Actuary, Cost and Works Accountants are related to accountancy. You can choose any accounting according to your need and qualifications to earn a good income and reputation.

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